Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Spokane Bike Swap?

  • The Spokane Bike Swap is a non-profit event and a great venue to buy new and used bicycles and accessories. Anyone can sell their bikes at the swap. All used bikes are sold in the bike corral. Various exhibitors including local bike shops will be at the event as well. This is a one-stop shop to get ready for the bike season.

Q. When is it and where?

  • April 9th, 2022, 9am – 4pm at the Spokane County Fair and Expo Center, 404 N. Havana St, Spokane WA.
  • The admission fee is $5 and kids 12 and under are free.

Q. Where do I park and is there a fee for parking?

  • Parking is in the Spokane County Fair and Expo Center lot and is free of charge at this event.

Q. What do I gain from attending this event?

  • This event is one stop shop! You can register to sell a bike or browse the selection of used bikes to purchase. Local bike shops will feature their brands of bicycles and accessories with many offering specials and/or discounts at the bike swap. Most bike shops carry different brands of bicycles so there will be a great selection to browse and choose from. Tire repair, simple bike maintenance, helmet fitting, rules of the road and other information will be offered. Local bike groups will also be available to talk, connect and answer questions.

Q. Where does the money go that is collected at the door and for registration?

  • After all expenses are paid; proceeds from the Spokane Bike Swap will be awarded to local charitable organizations.

Q. What is the “consignment” fee?

  • If you want to sell your bike there’s a $5 bike registration cost. In addition to this registration cost, all bikes that sell will be assessed a 10% consignment fee and will be deducted before issuing the check to the seller. If your bike does not sell, you will not be charged the 10% fee. The $5 registration cost is waived on kids bikes (20 inch wheels or smaller) that are priced at $50 or less.

Q. Can I sell my bicycle and/or accessories during this event?

  • Yes, you can sell your bike! You can register your bike to sell in the bike corral for $5 (per bike) and the Spokane Bike Swap Team will sell it at the event for you. If your bike sells, you will be able to pick up a check for the amount it sold minus the 10% consignment fee. If your bike does not sell, you will not be charged the 10% consignment fee. Check and/or unsold bike pick-up is on Saturday, April 9th from 5:30 - 6:30pm. Bikes not picked up during the designated time will be donated to a charitable organization.
    Online registration will open on March 1.
  • Anyone interested in selling small accessories and/or bike parts will need to register as an exhibitor.
  • Register today by using our online sponsor and exhibitor registration form or download the editable PDF form to register by email.

    Online Packet and Registration Form

    Downloadable Packet with Editable PDF Registration Form

Q. I am a Vendor/Exhibitor, when is the setup?

  • Exhibitor Setup is Friday, April 8th from 10am to 1pm. If interested in participating, download the exhibitor registration form by clicking here or contacting us at

Q. I am a business owner and would like to advertise at the Bike Swap? What are my options?

Q. Can I volunteer?

  • Yes please do! It takes a lot of volunteers to run a large event like this. If you are able to volunteer, please go to the Volunteer tab on this website and contact us. As soon as your information is received, a Spokane Bike Swap team member will contact you.

Q. My bike is at the event and I would like to know if it sold, is there a way to know before the pickup time on Saturday?

  • If you log back into the site, you can view the status of each of your bikes.

Q. Can somebody else pick up my Bike or check on Saturday?

  • Yes as long as the bike swap team is notified. Please be sure to let the Bike Swap team know when checking in your bike on Friday, otherwise we will not be able to release your check and/or bike to someone else.

Q. What type of bikes will be sold at the bike swap?

  • We will take all types of bicycles that are in good riding condition including kids, racing, mountain, commuter, BMX, recumbent, hybrid, tandem, cruiser, trailer bikes, buggies, bike trailers, and more.

Q. Do you accept bike donations?

  • Yes, we do accept bike donations. Please see the Donate page for details.
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